Primitive Bow Making - Online Class 1 - The Longbow

333 pages, 417 photos, 19 graphics and 4 videos

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Optimal tiller shape for faster bows
Longbows are faster than flatbows
bow design, dimensions, tiller shapes
62 pages, 59 photos, 9 graphics

Correct choice of wood for long-lasting bows
Coniferous trees, hardwood trees, microscopic images, cellular wood structure,
wood density and strength, restoring force, modulus of elasticity,
determination of the quality of the logs, elasticity, wood moisture,
exact examination of ash and hazel, x-rays of the wood species
86 pages, 92 photos, 3 graphics

Fast and durable longbows made of small diameter staves
Extensive guide to building a longbow with video - from harvesting wood, 
setting the bow design and tillering, to shooting the finished bow
83 pages, 111 photos, 4 graphics, 1 video

The construction of a character ash bow
How to handle warped staves correctly
34 pages, 54 photos

Sweaty work? Fiber tearing? Here you will learn to solve these problems.
Handling, cutting types, bevel shapes, steel, cutting edge geometry
The bowyer's hatchet, restoring, sharpening, working techniques
68 pages, 101 photos, 3 graphics, 3 videos