Matthias Wiltschko - Bowyer

Since 2007 I am fascinated by bow making. The sheer endless possibilities of using different woods to create my own bows in a variety of designs inspire me constantly.

Right from the beginning, I wanted to discover the origin of the strongly fluctuating performance and resilience of the different types of wood. That's why I spent ten years studying the bow woods.

By understanding the structure wood, performing numerous tests and building many bows, I was able to assess the quality of the different bow woods and increase the performance of my bows.

X-rays showed me where the strengths and weaknesses of the individual types of wood are and mechanical pressure testing underpinned my findings.

Microscopic examination helped me understand the structure of the wood and showed me in which work steps of bow making special care is required.

To share my years of experience, I founded this Bow Building Online School. Both beginners and advanced bowyers will find information and detailed pictures of bow woods, bow designs and tools.

The focus of these courses is on the practical implementation of the findings from my wood research.

In my beginnings as a bowyer I was searching in vain for an extensive construction manual for my first bow. So I put together an accurate guideline with a video for building a longbow - see Online Course 1.

333 pages and 417 photos and graphics show bow making, from harvesting to shooting, as well as detailed information on bow woods, bow designs, working techniques and tools.

Don' forget: Bowyers are not flexible, they are elastic!